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Well woman exams are the foundation of women’s health and something that should remain an important component of your overall health and wellness. At Women's Health Specialists in Orlando, Florida, the staff offers outstanding well woman exams to support you at every stage of life. To learn more, schedule a visit at your earliest convenience. Online scheduling is available, or you can always call the office to set up an appointment.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

What is a well woman exam?

A well woman exam is a yearly visit with your gynecologist to focus on your women’s health needs. While there are some components of these exams that remain consistent, other aspects will change as you move through the phases of life. 

Women have a distinct set of health needs. If you’re like many women, your own needs often fall to the bottom of a long list of obligations to others. Your well woman exams are an opportunity to set aside some time to focus on your health and wellness, and should be an essential part of your larger health planning. 

What happens during a well woman exam?

The process always begins with a discussion of your current health and any changes you’ve noticed since your last visit. Basic data regarding your height, weight, and vital signs is collected and added to your medical record. 

A pelvic exam follows, giving your doctor an opportunity to check for tissue abnormalities in your vagina, cervix, and uterus. A Pap smear can be performed during your pelvic exam. This screening involves using a tool called a speculum to gently separate your vaginal walls, allowing your doctor to gather cells from your cervix with a small brush. Those cells are sent to a lab and examined microscopically to look for signs of cervical cancer. 

A breast exam is also part of a well woman visit. Your doctor checks your breasts for unusual lumps that could indicate breast cancer. You’ll also learn the correct technique to perform your own self exams at home. 

What should I bring up during my well woman exam?

Your well woman exam is your opportunity to speak with your doctor about any health and wellness topic. Some of the things you might want to discuss include:

  • Birth control
  • Fertility planning
  • Menopause 
  • Sexual health
  • STD screening and prevention
  • General wellness
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Post-menopause health needs

It’s also important to discuss any symptoms or changes you’ve experienced since your last visit. Having this information helps your doctor guide your care in a way that supports your specific set of needs. 

Schedule your well woman exam today. Online booking is fast and convenient, or you’re always welcome to call and speak with a member of the administrative staff.